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Monday, August 30, 2010

Billions wasted in rebuilding of Iraq

This article details the epitome of wasteful spending by the Department of Defense. With officers that have no business or budgeting experience and strive for that golden bullet on their OER or deployment medals that says something to the effect of, "successfully planned, budgeted for, and supervised the construction of [fill in pet project here] in his sector during combat operations contributing immeasurably to the building of a free and democratic nation for the citizens of Iraq," so that they can be promoted, what does one expect? With the yearly rotation of units that have different commanders and, therefore, different priorities, what does one expect? With a force that was always undersized to properly secure such projects (on another note, we have never even truly secured the critical Mosul to Baghdad, Kirkuk to Baghdad, and Baghdad to Basra oil pipelines...), what does one expect? At least Potemkin villages had the fa├žade of prosperity; these are projects started by commanders who wanted a good OER and then abandoned. What does one expect when from the beginning of this war there was no plan beyond shock and awe?!?

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