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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

General Amos?

This article is right on in suggesting that Amos was chosen to kill the EFV. Sec. Gates (pbuh)!!! However, there is more to this story than meets the eye... plenty is not talked about in the article. ADM Mullen needs to be replaced soon... wouldn't it be nice to have a Chairman with actual ground combat experience relaying the service chiefs' views to the president and making recommendations? That could mean Mattis or Petraeus. This article suggests that Obama is terrified of Petraeus as a potential 2012 opponent - which I think is a rumor created solely by misinformed staffers that think Petraeus is a GOPper because he is a career military officer. Perhaps the president is terrified of him... as... dare I say it, an intellectual peer who is smarter than him? DADT doesn't play a part in this - let bozos like Odierno think that the administration actually cares about DADT... if they did Obama would have signed an executive order on January 20, 2009, ending it.

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