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Friday, June 18, 2010

Keep Fighting!

"As recently as last month, the DoD [Department of Defense] F-35 team provided positive feedback on the technical and financial performance of the GE/Rolls Royce team,” Rice wrote. “This is not our opinion, but the judgment of the managers of the Joint Strike Fighter office.”

The Joint Strike Fighter Office is made up of colonels who will never be promoted to general and want to get a job along with their military retirement check after 30 years. I'm willing to bet the entire office goes to work for a defense contractor after "retiring" from their Pentagon desk job at colonel. Why would they oppose a program that justifies their existence in the private sector; a job that allows them to be "experts" and get paid $200,000 per year after military retirement. Who cares that ground pounders go through a pair of boots every two weeks in Afghanistan and only receive two pairs per year from the military, they think.

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