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Monday, April 27, 2009

Canadian: New U.S. troops in Afghanistan will help

Brigadier-General Vance

More U.S. troops will help, eh? That is what Brigadier-General John Vance of Canada says. How about that?! More troops = more stability. Wow. How much will they help though?
The real question is how are we sustaining this? How many deployments are our military personnel up to on average now - 3? Some on their 5th and 6th? How many are now divorced thanks to the deployments? How many are refusing to seek mental health counseling because it will ruin their career? How many need to be told that they have done enough and need to sit out a rotation (0... by the way)? How many have a hard time adjusting to civilian life, a civilian life in which noone really pays attention to those dirty little wars? How many left the service, could not find a job because civilians view them as crazy veterans, and then went back in? How many have just joined the military because they are out of work in the civilian world and their recruiters told them that the wars will soon be over?
Of course there is no talk of activating the selective service system though... not for two wars that are still undeclared, and, therefore, unimportant. Perhaps if the Taliban overthrows the Pakistani government and, in doing so, gains a nuclear arsenal, we could mobilize the entire nation for war and not fight two wars on the cheap.

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