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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

America's Best Leaders

Sadly, too many of these leaders have left the service... Perhaps if the nation went back to using the National Guard and Reserves the way in which they were intended to be used, for natural disasters, state of emergencies, and declared/war of national survival war, we would at least have a quality, battle-tested reserve officer corps.


Anonymous said...

Of my OCS graduating class of 120 2nd Lt's in 1950, five of us retired as Colonels. If my math is correct a class that size graduating today would produce 74 colonels at retirement age. Your assessment is correct: that's ridiculous!

Onager said...

It is ridiculous... The Army keeps creating more and more billets for field grade officers to allow for a high promotion rate - just look at the size of a Brigade Combat Team staff (and above)! Combine this with technology that allows those colonels, who probably would have been below-zone majors that retired at that rank in prior eras, to micromanage at the squad/platoon level while sipping coffee in the TOC and watching the battle on a big screen, you have the makings of a top-down tactical decision making model ala the Soviet Union (except they probably didn't have as many idiots in their officer corps).