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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Contractors Defend Their Programs as Pentagon Cuts Loom

A continuation of the Bush 43 version of SDI/Star Wars should be the last priority for this Congress and the President...

How about President Obama just calls one more prime time news conference and announces, "My fellow Americans, good evening. Tonight I will outline my three-part nuclear deterrence policy. The first part is called 'massive retaliation.' If you have any questions regarding this phrase's entomology, please reference President Eisenhower's massive retaliation policy and visit our new website http://www.visittheflintstones.gov/ which outlines the policy. The second part involves an affirmation along the lines of, 'Yes, we maintain second strike capability and we will make sure that I stay king of the First Strike Mountain; no one will ever push us off.' Finally, here is a picture of my family's new dog. His name is Airp... he is pretty fat now, but I won't give him any more biscuits until he looses some weight. What country or terrorist organization would attack us now that I am starting a worldwide fashion trend leading to gross overpopulation of such cute Portuguese Water Dogs? God Bless America!"

Airp's Cousin, NorthyG


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