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Friday, October 24, 2008

Iraq vets and post-traumatic stress: No easy answers

I have three possible answers: 1. end the wars, 2. start a draft and stop redeploying the same troops over and over again if these wars are so important, 3. treat the veterans.

One question to ask is, how did SGT Goldsmith get a bottle of Percocet? Why did he have it? Was it left over medication? He probably had leftover medication because Army doctors hand out medications to soldiers the way parents campaigning for PTA president hand out candy on Halloween. Have a boo-boo on your leg? Here's a bottle of Percocet. Have a cold? Here is a bottle of penicillin, but make sure you use the whole prescription and don't give any to your friend who slept with a hooker in Frankfurt and now has gonorrhea. Depressed? Here is some Prozac; now get back out on patrol and cut some taxes, I mean, kill some terrorists.

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