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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What would J.R. Ewing do?

U.K. Takes Softer Tack In Dealing With Russia

Onager says: Interesting article from The Wall Street Journal. Of particular note is how Russia is painting the U.K.'s response to American saber rattling as one sign that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting was "a failure for Washington." In addition, the mention that "U.K. oil company BP PLC is fighting with its Russian joint-venture partner" adds an interesting aspect to Britain's actions. This correlates nicely with the many claims that Russia is a petrostate adding domination of Europe to its already established track record of bullying its former satellite states due to controlling their oil pipelines in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

J.R. says: "It seems as if Britain has some shady dealings going on with the Russian cartel... I always knew that Gordon Brown is a long lost relative of Cliff Barnes. I always said keep your eye on your friends, because your enemies will take care of themselves!""

Iraq Poised to Revive Oil Contract With China

Onager says: So perhaps now China can come into Iraq and protect Iraq's oil pipeline? Also, the article makes an interesting mention at how Saddam Hussein "had revoked a contract with the Russian oil giant Lukoil for one of the largest fields." Could that have been because of Russia's cozy relationship with Iran?

J.R. says: "I guarantee China will get that oil flowing. Like my Daddy always said, 'Where there's a way, there's a will.' We need that oil to flow as much as we need the Red River to keep us separated from Barnes' cousins up north in Oklahoma."

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