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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Disputed $15 Billion Air Force Copter Deal Still Moving Forward

More idiotic spending by the Air Force... since when do they need helicopters? Since when are they authorized helicopters? When they broke off from the Army a line in the sand was drawn - the Army cannot have fixed wing aircraft because the Air Force will specialize in fixed wing aircraft and provide for the Army whatever they need. This morphed into the idea that the Air Force can win wars all by themselves (Air Power!) and they do not have to help anyone except: 1. the Air Force, 2. the defense industry and their retired officers who now work for defense contractors, 3. the Air Force. Apparently I was wrong in assuming since the Army cannot have fixed wing aircraft that would mean that the Air Force cannot have helicopters. My logic was wrong because the only necessary condition is the Army not having fixed wing aircraft! What was I thinking?!

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