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Thursday, June 5, 2008

America's Medicated Army

This article sums a problem with the ongoing conflict that noone thinks about on an everyday basis except maybe employers, who, in my opinion, are less inclined to hire war veterans because of the "crazy" stigma attached to them. "We can't hire him, he just got back from (insert America's current war - previously Vietnam, today Iraq/Afghanistan)." This is not a new phenomenon, but medicating the troops by the service itself so that they can continue to fight two draft-less wars is. Previously, troops would medicate themselves to deal with PTSD and anxiety disorders:

Here is an excerpt from "America's Medicated Army":

Nearly 30% of troops on their third deployment suffer from serious mental-health problems, a top Army psychiatrist told Congress in March. The doctor, Colonel Charles Hoge, added that recent research has shown the current 12 months between combat tours "is insufficient time" for soldiers "to reset" and recover from the stress of a combat tour before heading back to war.

Many are going on their third tour now... some their fourth and fifth. Add this to understrength units deploying, troops suffering from PTSD and anxiety disorders being medicated to continue to deploy, 3,000 captains leaving the Army, and a lack of field grade leadership seems to indicate an Army in crisis.

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