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Monday, September 5, 2011

Americans live in an era of endless war

War should not be normal. It should be an aberration, a black mark on the world, something that is rare and exemplifies the complete breakdown of how a society should solve problems. However, for Americans, it is not.
The long stretch of war has also isolated the U.S. military from society. Senior Army officials worry that career soldiers have forgotten how to take care of their troops outside the war zones. A 2010 Army study partially blamed the service’s unusually high suicide rate on the “lost art of leadership in garrison.”

Other top military officials fret that the troops are developing a troubling sense that they are better than the society they serve.
Why shouldn't the troops feel that they are better than the society they serve? This nation has been at war for 10 years and less than one percent of Americans have served in those wars. The veterans that do leave the service before military retirement can't even find a job and have to start from scratch in building a new career because corporate America doesn't recognize the skills they have gained through military service. The career servicemembers that retire end up working for defense contractors that keep them in the "military bubble" isolated from society, perpetuating war by building more powerful weapons and equipment with 435 different parts manufactured in each congressional district in the nation. It is a sad state of affairs.

Read the article. Americans shouldn't accept living in an era of endless war.

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