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Thursday, April 1, 2010

BP Begins Big Push To Revive Iraq's Oil

Iraq's Rumaila oilfield

I've been advocating for bringing in Western oil companies into Iraq for quite some time to stablize Iraq; the main question is will they be able to secure the main pipelines from Kirkuk to Baghdad, Mosul to Baghdad, and Baghdad to Basra. If they do this then Iraq can expand its pipelines even more. The great thing is there is a mountain range between Iraq and Iran making pipelines into Iran cost-prohibitive. If Iran wanted to pay for one though, why not push for it? It could be one concession to Iran and if we supported it they might start to treat us with a little more respect? Also, pushing for a trans-Turkey pipeline from Mosul could be spectacular. But, as I've said, they need to secure the three main pipelines first...

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