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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is Counterinsurgency Entirely Too Popular?

Umm... yes.

However, as I've said before, the top-heavy staffs and careerist colonels that refuse to grant fires authority (artillery and drone strikes) to company level officers engaging the enemy with positive identification and real-time actionable intelligence is crippling the war effort. If it takes one hour to get approval for fires clearance (artillery rounds on target, drone strike), the engagement is probably over or the insurgents got away. CNAS is led by maneuver officers who don't understand the concept of fires accuracy because the only artillery they have had any hands-on experience with are inaccurate mortars... Drone strikes and artillery can help end our underfunded, undermanned, expeditions, I mean "counterinsurgencies," as soon as possible. No matter what we do, our detractors will claim we are responsible for civilian deaths, but they are not likely due to accuracy. Besides, we are at war, aren't we? When did civilian deaths stop being a part of the cruelty, suffering, and idiocy of war?

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