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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm in shock...
The Senate voted Tuesday against continuing production of F-22 fighter planes, backing President Obama’s high-stakes decision to end the program.

The vote was a major victory for the White House and makes it unlikely, though not impossible, for the F-22 to survive.

Following the vote, the Pentagon reacted: “Secretary [Robert M.] Gates appreciates the careful consideration senators have given to this matter of national security and he applauds their bipartisan support to complete the F-22 program at 187 planes. He understands that for many members this was a very difficult vote, but he believes that the Pentagon cannot continue with business as usual when it comes to the F-22 or any other program in excess to our needs. Today’s vote is an important step in that direction and the Secretary looks forward to working closely with lawmakers as President Obama’s budget is debated in the coming months.”

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