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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Somali pirates' threats against Americans intensify

It looks like the Navy now has a time consuming mission. The best part about this mission is that it will please both the brown water and blue water Naval warfighters. Soon the Marines will be clamoring to take out some Somali pirates as well, but they have a lot on their plate already; they need to learn how to operate in theater in Afghanistan and re-learn how to do an amphibious assault before worrying about acting as, dare I say it, baby SEALs. However, they will need to learn because using SEALs for this type of mission is an example of gross mismanagement of a combatant command asset; if anything, the SEALs should be patrolling and operating on the Helmand, Tigris, and Euphrates, not saving mercantile ships.

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