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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Armor Officer Promotion Rate from MAJ to LTC: 100%

You will need AKO access to use the link above. It leads to the October 2008 Armor Branch Brief done by Human Resources Command. I scanned in a copy of Slide 17; I wrote the only statement I could think of to describe the insanity of promoting 100 percent of the "eligible" Majors in the Armor Branch to Lieutenant Colonel and 94 percent of the Captains to Major - Hooah! Also of particular interest is the disgusting 69 percent promotion rate from Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel.

This briefing just shows that if you stick around long enough in the Army, you will get promoted. This is one reason why quality company grade officers leave the Army; how many of Year Groups 2001, 2002, and 2003, are still in? Not many. In the Army, it doesn't matter how good you are, you just get promoted based on time-in-grade and blind loyalty to the chain of command and their chosen profession. Oh yeah, and that shitbird company commander/field grade S-3 making you execute their flawed plans that get your Joes killed? Yeah, he's going to be a battalion commander, maybe even a brigade commander. Hopefully after 69 percent of them make Colonel, they will find some heavy duty Lava Soap to wash the blood off of their hands. Hooah!

Below is a picture of Bo, the Obama's new puppy, who is about as qualified as some of the newly minted Lieutenant Colonels and Colonels are for their troop leadership positions: Share

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