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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bush's 'Ultimate Exit Interview'

I do agree with President Bush that the press corps "sometimes misunderestimated" him. Bush has not been wrong all of the time. My main complaint with him remains his rush to war in Iraq with too few troops. Why hasn't the press corps owned up to their almost outright support for politicians who disagreed with the surge strategy? Why hasn't the press corps treated the Yale/Harvard educated Bush the same way they treat President-elect Obama (Columbia/Harvard) and his wife, Michelle (Princeton/Harvard)? Bush is painted as a dumb frat boy who got into Ivy league schools because of legacy and entitlement. Meanwhile, the Obamas are painted as geniuses who worked their way into Ivy league schools. No doubt, they did, however they too were undoubtedly aided by law schools' desires to enroll underrepresented minorities. Both the outgoing president and incoming president were aided, but neither would have gained acceptance to any of these institutions if they were braindead. Both are products of America's best learning institutions... neither of them are idiots.

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Anonymous said...

The Ivy's have a superb reputation, and are certainly not shabby intellectually, but please ease up on the superlative "best." They have their own problems and I wager, based on my interactions with Ivy graduates, are more attuned to publicly maintaining their reputation, than actually empirically justifying it.