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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Secretary Shinseki

GEN(R) Eric K. Shinseki

I applaud President-elect Obama's choice of General Shinseki to head the Department of Veterans Affairs. The man is a class act. He stood up to the Bush administration's call to fight Iraq on the cheap with too few troops and warned "beware the 12 division strategy for the 10 division Army" in his final speech in uniform due to a forced retirement. In addition, he is a wounded veteran from Vietnam. On a side note, he ran the standard Army fitness test throughout his entire career despite only having half of a foot.


Anonymous said...

Where is Sam Damon? Its crickets around here.

Onager said...

Dear Anonymous,

Given that I, poor old Onager, am not receiving much support from my "staff" here at WISD, virtually any comments on my posts, and I am very happy that we will have a new president on January 20th, I have taken the approach of blogging whenever I feel like it. If you would like to blog on this page or have any further suggestions, feel free to contact me at whereissamdamon@gmail.com or post your outrage.

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