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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Arab League Ambassador Arrives in Baghdad

This is a very good development for Iraq and, over time, could help foster deeper ties with the Arab community over the Persians. However, I doubt that this development will allow a withdrawal of American forces from Iraq anytime soon; withdrawal will occur only when American politicians, looking at opinion polls, are forced to withdraw due to public outrage. Contrary to the allusion Mary Beth Sheridan makes towards the end of the article of a potential cause and effect relationship between Arab ties then gradual withdrawal, I just see this as a good step towards continued stability in the region for the time being. In the end, however, it could be another factor in a potential Sunni-Shia regional battle for the colonial creation called Iraq.
The U.S. government has urged the Sunni-dominated Arab governments in the region to reestablish ties with Iraq's Shiite-led government. Many have been hesitant because of violence here and concerns that they could appear to be endorsing the U.S.-led invasion of 2003. In addition, some nations are wary about the close ties the Iraqi government has developed with Iran...

The U.S. government is hopeful that growing ties with Arab countries will temper Iran's influence here as American forces begin gradually withdrawing from this country.

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